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The MELT Method

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The Melt Method is a self-care practice that anyone, at any age or activity level, can use.

Melt is a great compliment to exercise and yoga, plus y
ou'll feel changes in your body from MELTing as little as three times a week.

Discover how your connective tissue (fascia) gets dehydrated and learn how to rehydrate the supportive qualities of this unique and seamless whole body system. 
In-Person Instruction
Did you know that MELT is more than just foam rolling?
MELT helps boost the body’s natural healing mechanisms by blending mindful meditation and breathwork along with gentle,
self-myofascial restorative techniques.

Sounds interesting, right?

 Learn these simple, whole-body rejuvenation techniques
(at your own pace)
and see how this special type of self-massage
can enhance your life!
Small Group Class
Don't want to fly solo?

Form a group with your favorite pals and learn how to melt away stress and tension in this interactive class. 

You get to choose!  

We'll focus on either the upper body or the lower body, and you'll learn a simple go-to technique for rebalancing your whole body.

Gather together with your special loved ones for a time of self-care and be amazed at the changes you can feel after just one session!

Maximum of 3 participants total.

(To keep the class cozy 😃.)

All tools needed for class are provided.

Small Group Class: In-Person
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Learn more about the
Melt Method.

Sue Hitzman, MELT Creator, introduces
this unique self-care method.
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