Your Self-Healing Potential!

Image by Marcelo Silva
Have years of being the mom, the wife, the social coordinator, left you feeling disconnected from yourself, like you don’t even know who you are anymore? 
Do people ask you how you’re doing and you hear yourself say - staying busy - and then wondering what that busy is really all about?
Do you ever fantasize about doing self-care stuff on your own, but feel stuck because you just don’t know how? 
Have you ever been curious about personal training or personalized exercise instruction as a way to learn how to move your body to serve your individual needs? 

If your answer is YESLet me help you identify your

needs and create a healing path for you!

My approach to healing weaves these techniques into individualized sessions so that you can experience more...Read More

Do you feel guilty when you do take time for yourself?

Wouldn’t it feel great to spend a little time each day connecting to yourself and your well-being without feeling selfish?  

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