Hi. I'm Cori.

My work includes Massage, Bodywork, & Myofascial Release. I also teach body awareness and self-empowerment through the use of movement and mindfulness practices.

If you’re seeking support to help you achieve your goals, reduce your levels of stress, and enhance your ability to live a more functional life, learn how to work with me.


Professional Bio

My journey towards wellness began when I became certified as a personal trainer way back in 1999. One thing led to another and I found myself  back in college to finish my degree. Majoring in Exercise Science turned into Business Management and I received my Bachelor of Science in 2005.


A year later (and a big move later),

I enrolled in Massage Therapy School and became a Board Certified & Licensed Massage Therapist. Lots of continuing education for maintaining my creds led me to John F. Barnes’s approach to Myofascial Release. This gave me the opportunity to learn a complementary approach to massage while traveling with my family and receiving incredible self healing along the way.


Further, I became a practitioner in the traditional Reiki method and have enjoyed studying and practicing several types of yoga and meditation including Ayurvedic meditation, Yin Yoga & Yin meditation, Vipassana, and Healing Breathwork. 


My passion for learning continues, and my professional and personal journey has brought me full circle with on-going studies in corrective exercise and whole life healing.

"There are miracles in me

Waiting their turn to happen

I am never giving up on myself"

  • rupi kaur