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February Specials

Love Yourself

1-on-1 Three Session Package

This special package includes three Individualized 1-on-1 Sessions where you'll learn simple self-massage techniques to help you melt away stress and tension.   


You'll learn how to take care of two often overlooked yet incredibly important and foundational parts of the body.


You'll learn how to specifically target the upper and lower body and create greater ease in your daily living.


 AND, you'll learn how to reconnect to your core and rebalance the entire body with a simple go-to technique!


SPECIAL BONUS: This package includes:

Your very own

 Full Soft Roller & Large Soft Ball!

Investment: $199
($267 Value)

*Already have the tools? 
Email me instead of booking below.
**We will schedule your second & third session
at your first scheduled session!

Loved Ones

Special Small Group Class

Don't want to fly solo? Form a group with your favorite pals and learn how to melt away stress and tension in an interactive class. 

You get to choose!  


We'll focus on either the upper body or the lower body. And you'll also learn the secret to rebalancing the entire body with a simple

go-to technique!


Gather together with your special loved ones for a time of self-care and be amazed at the changes you can feel after just one session!

Maximum of 3 participants total.

(To keep the class cozy 😃.)

All tools needed for class are provided.

Total Cost: $65
($105 Value

***All February Specials must be purchased by February 28th, you have 60 days from
time of purchase to schedule and attend all sessions.
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