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Body Care & Repair
Personalized Programs for Natural Pain Relief

Have you been looking for a way to manage your aches and
pains naturally?

  • Maybe you're a teenager who loves playing sports.
  • Maybe you're a middle-aged person who loves to be active.
  • Maybe you're someone who wants to hike and camp, and just generally feel capable.

Point is, you have PAIN.
And you want to NOT feel this pain, so you can DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE.
Image by Jeffrey Grospe
I’ll show you ways to manage your aches and pains naturally so you can rediscover how great your body can feel!
Body Care & Repair is a Personalized Program that identifies your needs and creates a healing path for you!
And here's the thing -
I've been there, too!
I know how frustrating it can be to deal with chronic pain and injuries. I know how limiting it feels when your body doesn't move the way it used to move, or the way you want it to move. I've wondered if my body will ever be capable of doing the things I want to do. AND - I know what it's like to experience loads of personal freedom and physical healing, too!
And - Guess What?
I also want to see that for YOU!
Image by Katie Moum
So who am I ?
Well, I teach exercises, though I don't identify as a Personal Trainer (even though I'm trained to be one).

I teach stretching, yet I also don't identify as a Yoga Teacher (even thought I'm trained to be this too). 

I'm trained to do massage therapy, so I guess you could call me a Massage Therapist. . . 

However, here's the truth:

I've learned what I love most is offering you what I call "hybrid sessions".

For example, some learning time on the massage table coupled with some floor/stretching/movement work; or simply teaching you self-massage and other self-care techniques to use at home. 
My passion is really all these things wrapped into one. This is why I've created Body Care & Repair, so I can offer the best of what I love to get you back to doing the best of what YOU love.
Here's how it works:
  • You'll identify where your body needs attention and learn simple tools to help you feel less pain and start feeling more free in your body.
  • You’ll learn how to connect specifically with your body and your symptoms to support healing on a deeper level.
  • You'll learn how consistent practice will keep you feeling the freedom of movement you truly desire.
  • You'll feel confident in your self-healing potential and empowered to take your healing into your own hands!

Re-connect to yourself

and re-discover what it means to be you!

Want to talk personally? Reach out and we'll schedule a call to see if Body Care & Repair is right for you! 

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