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I don't know about you, but I was really in the Christmas spirit this year. This was way out of character for me. I've often wondered if I lost my Christmas spirit many years ago when my dad passed away. Then I wonder if maybe that's just an excuse that I'm using so I can grinch out. And around it goes. In any case, I'm finding that I want to stop being such a bah humbug about it all. I'm watching my son grow up and naturally outgrow some of his unbridled Christmas spirit, and I'm experiencing a serious reality check that time flies.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the holidays this year. In addition, I allowed myself a lot of time over the last few weeks to really reflect on this past year, and I also allowed myself a lot of time just listening.


So much has changed for me personally and with Everyday Bodywork. For instance, during this past year, I stepped away from doing hands-on massage and stepped more fully into sharing and teaching people how to do their own self-care - which I absolutely love and will continue (Check here for my upcoming classes!) And this year, I'm saying "yes," as my dear sweet mentor puts it, to sharing a piece of creativity that has lived within me since my elementary school days.


Last year taught me that, no matter what, it's up to me to keep showing up to my life in the way I choose to show up, despite any little voices that might creep in to tell me that I'm not allowed to be whatever I want to be or do whatever I want to do! (Yes, still, after all these years, and after all I've put into myself, those sneaky little voices can still sometimes emerge from the shadows where I might question my choices, my desires, my creativity.)