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The Cleanse

At least once a year my husband and I do a 21-day whole foods cleanse called the Standard Process Purification Program. It’s a conscious commitment we make to one aspect of our self-care. I’ve never done the Whole30 Program, but I think it's similar. No processed or pre-packaged foods, no refined sugars or grains, just good old-fashioned real whole foods. I know this doesn’t sound that difficult, but modern day living is full of easily consumed & deliciously tasty delights! And while I can appreciate that kind of decadence, I can really appreciate how great my body feels when I’m eating in a whole foods kind of way.

The first 10 days consist of mainly vegetables (raw or lightly steamed), fruits, legumes, pseudo grains, fats & oils, and up to 3 protein shakes a day. The shakes are packed full of nutrient dense dessert-like deliciousness consisting of frozen fruits & berries, greens, high quality oils, collagen, and the special purification protein powder. After day 10 we can start adding meat protein to our meals. Although we don't normally follow a vegetarian diet, during the cleanse we actually enjoy the vegetarian way of eating more than we realize.

This year we started our cleanse on the weekend of the spring equinox. We decided to approach it like a spring cleaning ritual for the body, and as an intentional way to connect with the rhythm of nature. Since spring is all about renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings, we figured why not tune into that same energy in how we're connecting with our bodies.

All that said,

the cleanse isn't all

baby bunnies and spring chicks.

Here’s the reality of how it went this time around. The first few days we were super motivated and my husband was actually noted saying these exact words on day two: "Well, I think eating less just makes life easier". By day four I was outright telling people to beware of my erratic behavior, then on day six I made a note that I felt euphoric & energetic. Surprisingly, the last few days may have been the hardest. I was way over the cravings and it simply became a mental game. My rebellious side was internally screaming "Hey Cleanse, you’re not going to tell me what I can and can’t eat!" I also walked around saying things like this: "#$@%! - the cleanse is so stupid." and "This is the last cleanse I’m ever doing!" or "I would eat a piece of pie right now. (LOL)

Funny not funny how food can be such an emotional thing, maybe a topic for a whole other blog. Either way, day 21 came AND went, and I’m still basically eating only whole foods. As of now, I’m just feeling thankful I made it through another purification process. I'm also feeling thankful I have a house partner to help with the accountability and food prep. Because let's face it, it requires a certain amount of effort to plan, prepare, and eat the whole foods way.

My final thoughts: The cleanse is worth the effort and emotions. I love remembering how good my body feels when I eat simple nutritious foods, and I feel incredibly proud of my commitment. Plus, I sure do love the sense of accomplishment I feel once I've made it through the 21 days.

Sometimes we just need a little bit of support with our self-care to help us feel our best. Maybe you’re looking for some support or a little bit of accountability when it comes to your self-care? Whether it's healing touch you're craving or learning tools to help your body feel better - I've got your back! Literally. 😆




Hi! I'm Cori

I created Everyday Bodywork to promote self-empowerment through the use of self-care tools and techniques.


With a friendly, curious, and sometimes humorous approach, I enthusiastically share my experience with those who desire to feel more freedom in their everyday bodies. 

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