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What's in your Cards?

When I was a kid, on any random evening, I can remember sitting around in the living room shuffling a deck of playing cards, watching an episode of Who's the Boss, or Growing Pains, or a Monday Night Football game. Sure, we played a lot of games with those cards, but what I particularly enjoyed was the shuffling. I would shuffle - just to shuffle.

What I know to be true about all that shuffling is that it turned me into a very skilled card shuffler. My son used to be thoroughly impressed with my card shuffling skills and he would always say something like this: "How do you do it so fast, Mom?" or "How did you get so good at that, Mom?" He used to be particularly enamored with the bridge shuffle ending after the classic riffle shuffle at the beginning. He's a real go-getter, so it wasn't surprising that after diligent practice, he mastered this skill for himself as well.


Anyway - I still like card decks and most recently, I've found myself shuffling the Moonology Card Deck and The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck. I'm pretty sure this makes me a bit of an outcast in my family of origin, but the grown up version of myself stands firmly in the belief that I GET TO CHOOSE how I live my life - and nowadays I shuffle cards to slow down, meditate, reflect, and with conscious intention I use the cards as a way to connect with and receive guidance from my heart, or Spirit, or God, or what I affectionately like to call - my intuition.

And - Guess What? I think the cards are fun!

For example, I drew the Zebra card for the month of March. According to the Animal Spirit Guidebook, drawing the Zebra card represents eccentric, creative, and visionary energy. Plus, the Zebra is a creature of the fire element, which can lead us toward change. The fire element also challenges us to be our best selves, indicates a time of action, and inspires growth and accomplishment.

All that sounds fun, RIGHT?

And - it can also feel VERY intimidating and vulnerable. To change what we're doing! To show up in the world and take action on something our heart feels called to do! To Grow and accomplish! To be some version of our best self for all to see! This hasn’t always been so easy for me - but what I know to be true is that when I choose to show up to what my heart is calling me to do - I FEEL FREE!