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As far as seasons go, I sure do love Fall. The changing colors, the warm days, the chilly evenings, the sweatshirts, the jeans. I love new school supplies and apple cider, picking out pumpkins, fall decorations. And I sure do love Halloween. Fall represents another trip around the sun for me, and this year I’m celebrating the midpoint of another decade.

You know how some kids have birthdays on holidays and they feel kind of jipped?

I don’t feel that way.

Honestly, It’s always made me feel a little bit more special to have a holiday birthday. I mean, it’s kind of like EVERYONE is celebrating your birthday along with you!

I've been thinking a lot recently about some of my most memorable kid birthdays. When I was in 3rd grade, the whole class dressed up in Halloween costumes and we paraded around town. I don’t remember the costume I wore, but I remember it was a sunny day, and I remember how I felt. Oh yes, I always remember how things make me feel.

On that same day I remember getting a bouquet of ballooons tied to a mug full of candy while I was at school. My mom sent it, and I remember how special that made me feel! I still feel a tremendous amount of tenderness about that heartfelt gesture. Thanks, Mom.


This last trip around the sun has definintely been full of all sorts of feelings. Joy, amusement, beauty, simplicity, sweetness, confusion, frustration, sadness, heartache, loss, and grief, to name just a few.

I've definitely learned a lot about myself, and now that this new trip around the sun is upon me, it's time to reflect and allow space for renewal.


At the dinner table the other night, my son said, "Mom, you’re almost at your fourth 12-year cycle. And I’m ten years away from finishing my second 12-year cycle."

I thought to myself, OK, 12 years seems like kind of a random cycle number, but I go with it. My son's a real numbers kind of kid and math comes easily for him (I’m thankful for that for him!). Anyway, the conversation shifted and I didn’t give those numbers much more thought for the rest of the evening.

But for some reason, in the middle of the night (was it 12 am, I wonder?!), I woke up wondering what the significance of 12 years meant? It must be something, right? Why did that seem so important for my son to note?

As it turns out, a quick internet search revealed that one of the simplest timing tools used in astrology (introduced by the ancient Greeks) is known as annual profections. This technique links your age to one of the 12 astrological houses, in a repeating 12-year cycle, and can give you insight and guidance into one of the main areas in your life to focus on for the next 12 months after your birthday.

To quote Alanis Morisette: Isn’t that ironic?!

The kid was on to something with that twelve business.

Suddenly, I found myself thinking outside of my scorpio sun and cancer moon signs' prowess, and wondering what this Hellenistic tradition of astrology might mean for me and my upcoming trip around the sun. I had to know, and what I learned is that my focus for this new year is about . . . Career.

The tenth house, the career house, is also associated with fame, success and honors, and describes the most public and highly visible part of one's chart. During tenth house years, which happen at ages 9, 21, 33, 45, 57, 69 and 81, you may be in the spotlight or more visible than usual. You may receive an honor or award or find yourself achieving a major life or professional milestone. You might even be in the press or media for an achievement.

The choices and experiences you have during these tenth house, career years can set you up for a new 12-year professional cycle. If you want to strike out in a new direction at work, your efforts during a tenth house year can help you reach for the stars.

Holy crap, I thought.

I better buckle up!

And get this - and I'm only catching this as I re-read and edit this writing - I turned 9 years old in the 3rd grade on that very birthday I've been thinking so much about. We're talking about the same astrological house as this coming year's birthday house.


Now, if you're curious to learn what your next trip around the sun may have in store for you, here’s a fun link where you can find out.

And for the final bit of synchronicity: In November I’m starting to offer Online Classes for self-care using the Melt Method. How's that for "public and highly visible?" Ta-dah!

If you’re interested in learning some excellent self-care techniques that will help you feel better everyday - you can snag some simple Melt Tools HERE - and sign-up for one of the new online classes HERE! I look forward to seeing you soon!



Hi! I'm Cori

I created Everyday Bodywork to promote self-empowerment through the use of self-care tools and techniques.


With a friendly, curious, and sometimes humorous approach, I enthusiastically share my experience with those who desire to feel more freedom in their everyday bodies. 

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