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Why Melt?

It has been such a pleasure to share the Melt Method with so many of you! The more I share it, the more I feel inspired to share more. So, it’s a win-win!

As you may already know, learning how to Melt is pretty simple - so simple that you may not even realize what’s happening underneath the surface. The truth is that you don’t really need to know the science to receive the benefits.

However, for those of you who may be a little curious about what’s actually happening in the body, I offer this article. Let's go under the surface and dive in a little deeper to discover the Why of Melt!

And for those of you who haven't started Melting yet, I hope this little bit of science inspires some curiousity about how these techniques might support your unique body and situation.


Fundamentally, Melting is about taking care of our fascial system by keeping it hydrated. We already know how important it is to care for this three dimensional system in our body to sustain good health, mobility, and stability on all levels.

In a previous article I described the overall benefits of the Melt Method, so here I'd like to dive a little deeper into three fundamental techniques that will support the rehydration of your connective tissue. These are the same techniques that will get you started with any beginner Melt Sequence.


Gliding provides you with the opportunity to explore your body so you can identify areas of tenderness and sensitivity - fascial dehydration! - which is often sensed as stiffness in the tissues. Gliding allows the nuerofascial system time to adapt without causing a stress response throughout the nervous system. As you prepare your connective tissue in this way you're heightening your body sense and gently stimulating the nervous